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1 / 2010


photodebut – a case study

promoting, connecting supporting emerging photographers

In 2010, photodebut decided to complete its remarkable story with a book about the organisation, its projects and its members: photodebut – a case study. The book describes just why the time was so great, what it took to make it all happen and how the story had to have a successful ending!

Editorial Team: AAron Schuman, Alys Tomlinson, Hin Chua, Jan von Holleben, Karline Hjorth, Lisa Barber, Matt Burgess

Design, Typografie, Layout: RUND

Fonts: Avenir, Poster Bodoni, englisch, 64 Seiten, Format:  225 mm x 160 mm; 4/4 Offsetdruck, geprägter Leineneinband

publiziert: 01 / 2010 The Photographers Office, London