André Netzker
Straßmannstrasse 2
10249 Berlin
01577/1905318 feed

7 / 2012


Corporate Identity für die neue OSLO Kaffebar am Berliner Nordbahnhof.

1. Draft: CRAFTMANSSHIP  > shows the making of oslo coffee

  • Idea: is to show the Process of coffee-making in a 1950s style „emblem“. Its an exciting and beautiful moment when the coffee comes out of the machine. The mood is a 1950s Illustrationen-style inspired by Interiour (Tulip-Lamp), Colour and rounded edges.
  • Graphic Effects: harmony, more functional, 1950’s organic shapes, a concrete picture, a special retro-Typeface reminds to Kaffeehaus, a refreshing colour, the emblem-shape stands for a high brand-value and handwork-quality


2. Draft: COSY  > shows the emotional feeling of oslo coffee

  • Idea: is a combination of a viking shield and a traditional norwegian pattern in a new and fresh way > we get a new and outstanding sign with maybe fantastic or even normal coffee-colours
  • Graphic Effects: Kontrast, stimulant and calming, sunny and cool > warm and cool colour, an abstract picture, a stimulant picture and a „normal“ Typeface


3. Draft: BOONE  > shows joy of OSLO Kaffebar

  • Idea: is a cool character with a Story (you should tell a tory) that brings joy and fun. Lets‘s play > a montage of 2 stereotypes: a coffeebean and a viking helmet. With a twinkle in on’s eye. Oslo Kaffebar ist different than others. You communicate with the audience, you play and sell retro-records, you’re a gallery or a stage for artists and band. It’s showtime!
  • Graphic Effects: The characters name is Boone* – a real norwegian firstname or surname. The horns of Boone’s helmet are not so big and rounded. So they seem less dangerous. Boone‘s eyes are wide open cause he is suprised / amazed about … It’s also the oslo-kaffebar wake-up-effect! *Boone as a boy’s name is pronounced boon. It is of Old French and Latin origin, and the meaning of Boone is „good“. In origin from Old French „bon“ (Latin „bonus“).